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Common Fisheries Policy (CFP)

Theme coordinator:

The EUCC Marine Team aims to support the reform of the EU Common Fisheries Policy by stakeholder participation, identification of good practice and dissemination of information. Also by doing own research and exchanging knowledge and experience across the EU with the special focus on promoting sustainable fisheries and integration of the fisheries topic into social and economic outlook and the holistic understanding of ecosystems.

Short-term goals:

  • help EUCC and individual members keep track of meetings and initiatives, share news and ideas
  • contribute to EUCC position statements

Long term goals:

  • up scaling promising projects and catalyzing new ideas into actions
  • research into good practices and achievements, up-to-date information on ongoing successful initiatives throughout Europe

Problems and facts:

  • 88 % of European Community fish stocks are being fished beyond MSY. 30 % of these stocks are outside safe biological limits;
  • European fisheries today depend on young and small fish that mostly get caught before they can reproduce;
  • Most of Europe’s fishing fleets are either running losses or returning low profits. Overcapacity is to blame in many cases and overfishing is both a cause and a consequence;
  • High political pressure is being observed to increase the short-term fishing in order to avoid a social unrest. So the fish are being caught at the expense of the future sustainability of the industry;
  • European fisheries is increasingly complex, difficult to understand and very costly to manage and control.
  • Heavy public financial support helps the fishing industry to survive in the short terms but hurts in the long term.
  • The ban on fisheries does not work anymore and in many cases is not an option. The new, integrated approach is needed to make fisheries more sustainable.

New policies

Consultation on the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy.

The Commission has launched a wide-ranging debate on the way that EU fisheries are managed. The aim is to gather views from all those with an interest in the future of Europe's fisheries: fishermen, fish processors, retailers, environmentalists, consumers, taxpayers. The views collected will pave the way for a substantial overhaul of the way that EU fisheries are managed.


The Marine Team Sustainable Fisheries Theme was established to help address the issues above, and to provide sound and independent advice on future directions.


Consultation on the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy