Welcome at the EUCC Marine Team

The Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC) has created a unique opportunity to share knowledge on the exciting challenges arising from the rapidly developing EU marine and maritime policies and programmes. The EUCC Marine Team has being established as a think-tank in the field of marine management and maritime planning. EUCC is closely involved in this in its capacity of Secretariat of the Venice Platform, in the process of the future European Maritime Stakeholders Platform, as member of the emerging European marine science forum, and thorough an involvement in various projects.

The EUCC Marine Team consists of marine experts which endorse EUCC’s mission and the principles of sustainability. Team members are committed to a mutual exchange of experiences. The Team keeps up-to-date on all major developments and initiatives, through the participation in events throughout Europe by its members, who share event related information as a team. 


It is the mission of the EUCC Marine Team to 
  • support the EU Integrated Maritime Policy by encouraging the involvement of stakeholders and research communities.
  • support the EU Maritime Spatial Planning process by disseminating information and doing own research.
  • support the implementation process of the marine Natura 2000 network by exchanging knowledge and experience across the EU, paying special attention to fisheries management.
  • support the assessment and definition of Good Environmental Status (GES) by exchanging knowledge and experience across the EU.
  • identify cases that show good ICZM practice as well as the benefits of ICZM around the EU.